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Project List

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Title Location Sectors Services
City of Carlsbad ADA Transition Plan Carlsbad, CA Mobility Planning
Project Description:

The Carlsbad ADA Transition Plan focused on facilities found within the public rights-of-way. The project included GIS computer modeling, database development, fieldwork, and recommendations for the removal of barriers for universal access within the city limits of Carlsbad. The computer modeling utilized dozens of demographic, land use and transportation related GIS layers to determine high priority access requirements. Public facilities such as libraries, schools, community centers, post offices, and transit facilities are given priorities over other private destinations. The plan inventoried 45% of the entire City of Carlsbad. Fieldwork noted major and minor compliance issues with Title II, ADA and Title 24 California Implementation of ADA. Ramps, roadway crossings, crossing technologies, obstructions and pathway geometries were analyzed and prioritized. Countermeasures and compliance standards were identified for areas out of compliance. A phased implementation plan was also included as part of the project.

Client: City of Carlsbad
Status: Complete
Completion Year: 2013
Key Personnel: Michael Singleton
City of Carlsbad Bikeway Master Plan Carlsbad, CA Mobility
Project Description:

"KTU+A prepared a city-wide bike facilities and multi-use trail master plan. The plan analyzed recreational and commuter facility requirements, and identified potential connections between transit modes and park facilities. The plan was integrated with the circulation element. The plan also included the development of concepts for bikeway facilities within the coastal rail corridor (Oceanside to San Diego) for the segment within the City of Carlsbad.

The project process included the evaluation of the existing roadways and bicycle facilities using conventional field techniques, computerized geographic information systems, survey questionnaires and a bicycling suitability formula. The plan recommended revisions to existing facilities, construction of new facilities and an implementation program. The plan also included general design and engineering guidelines for the development of these facilities.

Some of the primary project goals included:
• Integration of the master plan into all transportation plans, including the transfer between various modes of travel.
• Bicycle travel safety and efficiency utilizing existing infrastructure and the construction of special facilities for cyclists.
• Monitoring, assessment and maintenance of all bicycle facilities.
• Integration of land use and transportation planning to accommodate future land use and population projections and decrease automobile dependency."

Client: City of Carlsbad
Status: Complete
Completion Year: 1998
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