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Principles of Business Conduct

Client Principles

As our client, you can expect quality services that meet your deadlines and budgets, and that focus on your priorities. As your partner, we will provide planning and landscape architectural solutions that are well thought out, creative, clearly communicated, and delivered in an enthusiastic manner.

Community Principles

KTU+A has been an integral part of the San Diego region for nearly four decades and is committed to improving the local built and natural environment. Our staff is encouraged to participate in the community through leadership roles and the promotion of sustainable design and environmental stewardship.

Professional Principles

  1. Provide planning and design services that meet the client's program and goals, and support broader community interests through the appropriate use of land and its resources.
  2. Encourage creativity, leadership, and motivation among staff at all levels, while providing stability, growth, enrichment, and promotion.
  3. Provide a management structure that focuses on accountability for success and failure.
  4. Foster a creative and enjoyable work environment that increases staff retention, efficiency, and job satisfaction.

Project Principles

  1. Plan and design to inspire.
  2. Create visionary plans and designs that are realistic and implementable.
  3. Plan and design in a sustainable manner.
  4. Plan and design to respect the area's context, to preserve existing resources, and to integrate end user values.
  5. Plan and design to create economic value in places by making them unique, functional, and memorable.
  6. Utilize cutting-edge technologies to streamline analysis, and provide timely access to data for clients and staff.
  7. Research and learn from co-workers and related professionals, and incorporate this knowledge into our projects.
  8. Collaborate with other design and engineering disciplines, and promote planning and landscape architecture as an essential component of all projects.