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City of Coronado Bicycle Master Plan

This study is the City of Coronado’s first Bicycle Master Plan. Coronado is a city already conducive to bicycling due to the compact nature of the city and a relatively complete street grid. With year-round temperate weather, a small-town feel and beautiful Pacific Ocean and San Diego Bay views, Coronado is undoubtedly one of San Diego County’s most popular cycling destinations.

Tasked with helping the city become an even better place to bicycle, the KTU+A plan evaluates existing conditions and identifies barriers and opportunities that need to be addressed in order to improve non-vehicular mobility. Coronado is challenged by state highways that bisect the city that carry an average daily volume of 93,500 cars through a community whose population is just over 25,000. Coronado’s Third and Fourth Streets are San Diego County’s most heavily traveled residential streets. This huge traffic impact has created barriers to crossing streets that adults and children routinely use. Helping the city to create a scenic loop for visitors, regular bicycle transportation routes for residents and suggesting safe routes to school around these barriers are unique elements of the Bicycle Master Plan process in Coronado. A bicycle boulevard concept was introduced on Sixth Street for safer access to the schools. Other recommendations include increasing bicycle parking at specific locations, directional and awareness signage and innovative bicycle facilities and design, including a Green Lane on Orange Avenue. Alternative routes for a Class 1 facility around the municipal golf course was put forward. Unique elbow or panhandle left turn lanes at traffic signals with special bike and pedestrian crossings was recommended along high volume traffic streets like Orange.

The task force for this effort was strongly involved in its preparation. Workshops were well attended and exceptional support for improvements was obtained. The focus of many of the improvements proposed under the plan was safety and connectivity. The measurable results included consensus on various aspects of the plan including various political and management levels of the City of Coronado.

Client: City of Coronado
Location: CA
Completed: 2011
Services: Planning
Key Personnel: John Holloway, Joe Punsalan

Human Activities: Move
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