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Balboa Park Trails Signage and Mapping

KTU+A worked with the City of San Diego and various organizations in Balboa Park to identify and map the existing hiking, walking and biking trails in Balboa Park. Aerial photos, GPS coordinates and fieldwork were utilized to verify trail locations.

Five color-coded gateways have been identified: Sixth and Upas; Morley Field; Golden Hill; Park Blvd.; and Marston Point. KTU+A-designed signage at each of the gateways identifies a series of easy, moderate and difficult loop trails that originate from that particular gateway, and range in length from less than 0.5 miles to more than 7 miles. A total of 20 trails have been mapped.

Individual markers indicating trail direction and distance to the end point are located along each of the trails.

Client: City of San Diego
Location: CA
Completed: 2012
Services: Planning
Key Personnel: Michael Johnston, Michael Singleton

Human Activities: Move
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