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Bayshore Bikeway

KTU+A was a member of the engineering team responsible for assessing the alternative routes, issues and potential solutions for a several mile section of new Class 1 bike facility along  the south end of San Diego Bay.  The Bayshore Bike Trail currently exists along several miles of the Coronado Strand and into a portion of the South Bay area within Imperial Beach. A major segment of trail, however, was missing in the South Bay due to existing land ownership. The alignment of the new portion of the trail evaluated the potential to use portions of the railroad right-of-way and along dikes of the Otay River on Western Salt property. KTU+A helped to identify needed connections, rank alternative routes and prepare interpretive opportunities. KTU+A prepared construction documents for fencing systems, seating areas, interpretive facilities and the renovation of several historic structures related to the old rail line. A visual impact assessment was also prepared to evaluate the visual impact to the  historic resources of the railroad right-of-way.

Client: SANDAG
Location: San Diego, CA
Completed: 2007
Services: Planning, Landscape Architecture
Key Personnel: John Holloway, Michael Singleton

Human Activities: Move
Elements of Nature: Air/Wind, Land
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