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Market Creek Village Urban Design Studies

KTU+A conducted a series of planning analysis tasks and public involvement programs with several standing committees of the Jacobs Center. Workshop topics included core area improvements, urban design, circulation, connectivity, park and recreation, and mobility. Workshop attendees included 120-150 local residents, along with other special committees and stakeholders, including student groups from Lincoln High School. The area includes a great deal of ethnic diversity and socioeconomic levels and residents are empowered with making decisions within their community.

Discussions on community gardens, access to recreational, parks and social centers were a key focus area. As part of the discussions, land use, demographic and site specific issues were analyzed and land use plans, park plans and circulation plans were proposed. Since the street network in the area is difficult for walking and biking, road separated trails and walkways that connect recreation areas, public plazas, open space and street interfaces were proposed. Access to jobs, recreational facilities, community centers, schools, health care and retail opportunities is a major goal of the community and KTU+A’s efforts were focused on making a more sustainable, flexible and multi-modal community.

Client: Jacobs Center for Neighborhood Innovation
Location: San Diego, CA
Completed: 2011
Services: Planning
Key Personnel: Robert Efird, Michael Singleton

Human Activities: Interact
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