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Land Use and Transportation Planning

Communities are at the intersection of people and place. A successful and sustainable community gives priority to human activities and balances these activities with safety, access, freedom, privacy, social interaction, and pride. The future growth patterns of our communities need to focus on the efficient use of land and the effective use of public funds for transportation and land use integration. For many areas, this means smart growth: a balance of mixed use urban infill, walkable communities, and transportation alternatives. Community planning needs to respect the existing community character and culture, bring neighbors together to create a sense of place, and encourage reinvestment and economic vitality.

KTU+A promotes a "Think Small" planning philosophy: the application of big ideas applied at a human scale to provide fine-grained solutions for our communities. Key to the success of this approach is the invitation for neighbors to partner with us in the planning of the communities where they live, work, and play.

Selected Community Project Gallery

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Community Plans
Design Guidelines
Smart Growth
Master Plans
Mixed Use Urban Infill
Transit Oriented Design
Urban Public Spaces
Neighborhood Studies
Workshop Facilitation