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Support Services

Support Services

One of the strengths of the KTU+A is the ability to offer a variety of services to clients that strengthen the viability of their projects and make their jobs a little bit easier. We accomplish this by looking at projects from a broader perspective. Our support services cross all of our market areas and enable us to projects to the next level.

Visualizations (REALIZE)

Conveyance of an idea requires clarity in visual communication. KTU+A utilizes the latest technology and techniques to inform decision makers and stakeholders. The visualization methodology must be accurate, efficient, and defensible. Planning and landscape architecture projects require concept visualization at all scales. However, not all projects demand the same level of detail, nor do they require the same tools. KTU+A utilizes industry-standard applications to envision the natural and built environment. These applications include ESRI’s ArcScene for Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Google’s SketchUp, and 3D Nature’s Visual Nature Studio (VNS) to generate 3D models; photo simulations; still frames; animations; and VRML environments.

  • GIS
  • SketchUp Modeling
  • Photo Realistic Modeling
  • Photo Simulations
  • Still Frames
  • Animations
  • VRML Environments

Public Engagement (Listen)

Challenging projects, whether from an environmental or social perspective, require dialogue with a variety of stakeholders, including the community, the client, and regulatory agencies. KTU+A’s goal is to gather public input, analyze the data, and respond in a manner that is sensitive to the interest and concerns of stakeholders. Creating a forum for discussion, gaining the trust of the stakeholders, and sharing information of value with them results in project success.

An open mind, strong listening skills, and concise communication are keys to this process. Understanding the best communication tools to encourage participation from the target audience is crucial and varies from project to project. Public outreach methods utilized by KTU+A include:

  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Design Charrettes
  • Site Walks or Rides
  • On-line Surveys
  • Social Media
  • Mobile Applications
  • Websites
  • Newsletters
  • Interpretation
  • Translation

GIS and Data Services (ANALYZE)

Approximately eighty-five percent of business practices contain a geographic element, and nearly all developed projects involve some form of relational data analysis. The KTU+A GIS & Data Services team provides the technological expertise and active communication to translate client needs to applicable products to analyze real-world queries and provide robust solutions.

KTU+A utilizes ESRI software and extensions, in conjunction with Microsoft Access and Excel, for the planning and analysis of spatial data, non-spatial data, and asset and data management for projects such as: community and land use planning; transportation planning; watershed planning; bicycle, pedestrian and trail planning; conservation planning; military planning; vegetation mapping; wetland mitigation and restoration; habitat modeling; landscape architecture and design; anti-terrorist force protection analysis; smart growth analysis; 3D simulations, modeling and animations; spatial analysis and modeling; and database management. Services offered include:

  • Spatial Analysis
  • Cartography
  • Data Modeling
  • Network Analysis
  • Model Builder/Geoprocessing Script
  • ArcObjects Application Development
  • 3-D Capability Data Preparation
  • GPS/Data Acquisition
  • Data Creation/Integration
  • Mapbook Creation

Sustainable Design (CONSERVE)

KTU+A’s ability to integrate scientific understanding, technical expertise, and design allows us to provide balanced solutions that create sustainable projects. We carefully investigate each unique site to understand the local soils, vegetation, habitat, and ecosystems. KTU+A believes that any landscape - whether the site of a large subdivision, disturbed habitat area, or even a single home - holds the potential to improve and regenerate the natural benefits and synergies provided by viable ecosystems. Our ability to prepare restoration, conservation, water management and design plans using forward-looking sustainable strategies result in re-establishing healthy environments, protecting water quality, and achieving biodiversity while lowering operating costs is at the heart of our sustainable planning and design efforts.

Our planners and landscape architects are leaders in LEED practice, committed to excellence in the implementation of sustainable design solutions.

  • LEED Certification
  • Stormwater Management
  • Low Impact Development
  • Water Management
  • Natural Resource Management

Grant Writing (FUND)

Our public agencies are caught in an economic dilemma – their funding sources for planning and capital improvement projects are on a downward trend, while the need for the facilities and services they offer continues to rise. Alternative sources for funding must be identified and secured. KTU+A has successfully assisted public agencies, non-profit groups and community-based organizations in obtaining federal, state and local grants. Much of these efforts have been focused on health, safety and sustainability funding sources for active transportation, transit, safe routes (schools, parks and seniors), parks, open space and trails. KTU+A provides compelling justification, analysis, and maps in support of these applications, leading to positive results. KTU+A tailors each specific grant application to meet multiple needs and benefits, thereby increasing opportunities for funding. Services offered include:

  • Grant funding research: KTU+A maintains a database of more than 200 available grants. We let our clients know when application periods open and help them match project ideas to potential funding sources.
  • Grant proposal development: KTU+A provides project justification, mapping, graphic support, development of project alternatives, and cost estimates. We often prepare the entire grant application while other times we provide only GIS and graphic support for a client-prepared application.
  • Grant proposal review and evaluation: KTU+A reviews proposals prepared by our clients, compare the proposal to the funding requirements, and offer suggestions for strengthening the proposal.