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Buena Vista Lagoon Restoration

The condition of Buena Vista Lagoon has been significantly impacted by development over the years, starting with the construction of Interstate 5 and the railroad, and including the mass sediment deposits currently infilling the existing open water environment. This infill is allowing cattails to invade the lagoon and reducing storm flow storage capacity.

The primary goals of the restoration effort are to promote habitat diversity and resolve any sediment issues associated with the lagoon. Several alternatives were considered, including: no action (existing conditions), a freshwater alternative, a saltwater alternative, and a mixed system alternative combining fresh and salt water.

Based on biological and hydrology/hydraulics data developed by team members, KTU+A drafted the concepts in AutoCAD and translated them into GIS for analysis. The analysis was inclusive of: volumetric calculations pertaining to grading and dredging; habitat quantities comparisons, which were then compared in tabular format and qualitatively; and hydrologic storage capacity. These analyses were then shown graphically within ArcGIS to inform the public about the design alternatives.

Client: Everest International Consultants
Location: CA
Completed: 2006
Key Personnel: Mark Carpenter
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