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Public Facilities

Implementation of community goals and policies is rooted in the public infrastructure necessary to support a community's basic needs and future growth. These needs are simliar in most communities: roads, transit, libraries, schools, parks, public plazas, city offices, police and fire stations, churches, brighes, and utilities. How we address these needs defines the characteristics of a great community.

KTU+A has the knowledge and expertise to create aesthetically enduring and sustainable projects. Successfully balancing social, economic, and environmental interests is at the heart of KTU+A's process for providing unique solutions for our communities. After carefully considering the site's natural features, open space, architecture, and urban design, we deliver award-winning solutions that provide connection and civic identity, address the needs of the community, and reflect their aspirations.

Selected Public Facilities Project Gallery

Category Brochure:
Public Facilities.pdf

Project Types

Civic Buildings
Fire/Police Stations
Street Design
Transit Design
Parking Structures

Public Facilities